Bunkering Service

BUSINESSASTAR Bunker trading company


Bunkering Service

  • Bunkering and Bunker Trading

    As a business specializing in bunkering and bunker trading which supplies fuel and lubricating oil at domestic and international ports for foreign flag outbound vessels, domestic outbound vessels, and domestic inbound vessels, our company promises to listen attentively to the voices of our clients from the perspective of our clients

  • World-Wide Bunkering

    To service our customers wherever and whenever they are in need of round-the-clock bunker service, we have created a vast network all over the world.

  • OCEAN Bunkering

    Bunker operation for vessels that are unable to enter Korean ports due to vessel schedules or any other reasons. Our ship sails to your exact location or stand-by in your voyage route for a timely supply. Supply of any request is carried out including fresh water, provisions, spares and stores.

  • De-Bunkering and Re-Bunkering

    We de-bunkering and re-bunkering domestic fuel oil that is unusable due to contamination or spec-off of marine oil fueled in oceangoing vessels, or fuel oil that needs to be stored for private expenses such as ship repair or scrapping. We serve all ports

    Astar deals with the following products/grades:

    1. Marine Gas oil(MGO 0.5%/LSMGO 0.1%)
    2. Very Low Sulphur Fuel oil(VLSFO)0.5%
    3. Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel oil(ULSFO)0.1%
    4. Intermediate Fuel oil(IFO-30/180/380/500cst)
    5. Waste oil
    6. Dirty/Oily Water
    7. Sludge/Slops/Sediment
  • Best Price & Advice

    We have long-established credit relations with major suppliers throughout the world.
    And we constantly monitor supplier’s performance, product quality & quantity and market movement to minimize time & cost of bunker purchase.

  • High Quality

    We provide LSMGO (MAX SULFUR 0.1%) ISO 8217:2010 and VLSFO (MAX SULFUR 0.5%) ISO 8217:2010. All products meet ISO Standards.

  • Available brands

    Hyundai Oilbank / GS Caltex / SK energy / S-OIL / EZ-Petroleum Co., Ltd. Petro Korea Co., Ltd. / C&S Energy Co., Ltd.